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Fight takes place in a construction site in hells kitchen,loaded with scaffolding ( giving spidey a better advantage ) they start 50 feet apart. Mallen is unarmed but can use debris from the site. ( pipes,rocks etc...) mallen is willing to kill innocents should any get too close,,keep in mind this takes place in manhattan so if spidey isn't careful civilians may die.

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This would be a good fight,,no takers? Bump

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Spiderman, I got no clue who Mallen is.

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He was in the extremis story arc,,the first human to take extremis,,he became a beast,very strong fast and dangerous

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I know Iron Man wasn't quite so powerful pre-Extremis, but Mallen still man-handled him. I think he would take it.

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I set up the battle zone to give spidey the advantage,,,think it could b a solid fight

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Mallen ripped through Tony's armor with what looked like minimal effort. I gotta go with him.

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No one thanks spidey could hang with him? Spidey senses combined with better agility and the fact he could web him up ( not for long) and zip in n out of the scaffolding

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Mallen slaughters him. He's too fast, too tough and Iron Man needed to blow his head off to stop him