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magneto is tired of getting tired using his power. he wanted unlimited a stamina and endurance so that he doesn't need to worry about lossing control of his power when he losses health. so... he tricked cain to stole his crimson gem of cytorak and gained the power of the juggernaut... so now magneto is dubbed "THE UNSTOPPABLE MASTER OF MAGNETISM"!!!!

Cain wanted to get his gem back but without the jugg powers he is unable to capture it back from magneto... his only effort was to beat down vemon and take the the simbolite suit. So now Cain is dubbed ...... VENOM!?!?!

who would win in this fight?

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So we got a weak juggernaut with a symbiote vs a full powered magneto with juggernaut's powers? This is a curbstomp.

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This should be in Battles and Magneto stomps the holy hell out of cain.

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Magneto would win here easy

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Holacik said:
"This should be in Battles and Magneto stomps the holy hell out of cain."
It is in the battle forums now that is so strange.
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Results, of this battle, what used to be cain is now a bloodied spot on the wall and magneto goes on a rampage.