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The fight takes place in Time square New York city. both guys get 48 hrs Prep.
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Magneto.  Yeah, Bison is powerful, but New York City lends Magneto a significant advantage.  That, and he's more powerful than Bison to begin with.

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Kinda agree with you there. More cars to work with and lots of metal. only thing is im not sure how strong Bison's Pycho power actually is.

he goes mad with it everytime. . .just like to see him be smart with it for once you know

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magneto has the power to beat bison but bison has mind control and unlimied pyscho power.

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Magneto beats Bison even without prep time.

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Just passing through and giving an answer, not debating. Magneto.

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M.bison will take this easy just one psycho crusher and magneto is died

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