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Morals off Kyle vs magneto

Kyle is green lantern and his ring is fully charged and magneto is full power

So who wins

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if this is current magneto he gets stomped if this pre avx than he wins he can do everything kyle can do and he don't need the ring to do it and he can mess with kyle's mind disrupting his focus making him weaker.

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this is pre avx magneto

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Kyle wins, I would argue he stomps

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To be fair to Magneto, Polaris whose powers are identical (personality difference not withstanding) to Magneto has fought and done fairly well against Kyle.

I would back Kyle, but then i am huge fan of Kyle, so not that trustworth on being impartial :p

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I would argue for either side here,

But I would go with a morals off Magneto,

I haven't quite decided why yet, but it feels like the right answer to me

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Kyle stomps

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Kyle stomps

Magneto super-duper curbostomps. (I think 'curbostomp' means win, right?)