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with no prep, but being forewarned, magneto and dr. doom  from between different futures and pasts, accept an alliance to stop scarlet which. dr doom from marquis of death future visits magneto from the past of necrosha.

doom - "magneto..."

magneto - "DOOM!? how did you enter my domain without triggering my alarms and magnetic senses?"

doom - "silence! since these are of more concern than your privy inquiries!"

magneto - "how dare y----"

doom - "you're daughter of the past has triggered a chain of events that is causing chaos and spreading them across time lines and space. your aid is required for the purpose of DOOM!!"

magneto - "wanda? i knew that she had untapped potential here, but of course the paradox of time changes all those possibilities in other realities... what is it do you want?"

doom - "i just needed to forewarn you, master of magnet! now let us be off!!"

battle rules:

  • this is post proteus magneto
  • magneto IS FOREWARNED
  • this is post marquee doom
  • doom is forewarned
  • the two of them go to the time of HOM with no further prep
  • wanda is talking to her present father, magneto in the throne room (there are two magneto's in the table now)





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Quack quack... Where is that music from?

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Evidently the Doom from the end of the Masters of Doom storyline was pretty much a beast. I mean he killed a reality warping monster. However since this is no prep and we never got to see the extent of Dooms power from that arc (because it was ignored immediately after), I'll have to go with Wanda.
On a separate note, no one could argue that she'd say "No more Doom", she definitely wants the "D"... see =