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Who would win this fight? SS and Hulk because SS would easily take Magneto then help Hulk. But if Red Hulk goes after SS and Magneto goes after Hulk then RH and Magneto would win because Red Hulk has already beaten SS and Magneto just takes control of Hulk. It all depends on who fights who.

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SS solos.

Rulk will be drained or BFR before he even notices it

Magneto is powerful, but a good blast from the Surfer would make him bite the dust.

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surfer solos

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@616vulture: Rulk can no longer drain energy. SS solos.

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Rulk draining surfers power cosmic was loeb force.

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surfer man


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magneto at full power vs surfer in a comic would be cool because they have similar powers and even though surfer is more powerful magneto is more ruthless so this fight won't be so short but in the end surfer wins without taking any real damage and I can see magneto shortly controlling surfer's metallic body before surfer blocks him it would be a cool look what I can do fight but surfer is clearly more powerful.