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some people think Shang can defeat Bison.... I'd say Bison takes the majority

What do you guys think??

Round 1 Canonical fight

Round 2 EU feats allowed

Morals off in both fights!!

Who wins and why??

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Round 1: Shang Tsung

Round 2: Shang Tsung

M. Bison won`t be able to counter Shang Tsung`s magical abilities and Shang Tsung is a lot more cunning.

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Before I comment whats EU?

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Shang takes everything but speed over Bison. I doubt Shang could hit Bison with anything. Bison both rounds for his impressive speed factor and psycho powers.

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@grandmastersexyhd: I'm assuming Expanded Universe. Stuff that the characters did that was in the games. Like movies and anime.

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Oh okay well in that case I will go

Round 1 - Bison

Round 2 - IDK

People seem to underestimate Bison heavily but before SF4 tournament he was really good. Alpha Bison more specifically Alpha 3 Bison would smash Shang Tsung. People forget that liu Kang easily handeled Shang in MK:DA before Quan Chi cheap shotted Liu with a Skull from the back. Had it not been for that Liu would have more than likely killed Shang not to mention he was posing as Kung Lao so it was an ambush at that and got owned by Quan Chi when they betrayed each other in Deception. Alpha 3 Bison was when was at maybe his strongest due to the all of the data he had on the other fighters as well as the game he had with the most Psycho Power. Sure Shang can sol steal but Bison more notably in us Ultra 2 in SSF4 shows he steals Power from people as well. He may be boarderline insane but he is a good schemer though his insanity got him killed half of the time in the Alpha 3 storylines he knew exactly how strong everyone was. I expect Shang to give Bison some trouble and I'm not quite sure how strong SF2 Bison was, SF2 confused me some since all SF games storylines are all around the place I'm going with Bison at least in round 1. I mean you really have to play Alpha 3 to see how much Psycho power this guy had, he had a lot and it doesn't specify this battle is with or without prep so with prep Bison wins as well. Hell this dude even had data on how strong Gouki was. Shadoloo is a pretty big organization with tons of scientist helping Bison gather data on other fighters. So I'm going with Bison I just dont see an answer that Shang has for psycho power, teleport, psycho stealing ect. But he'll hold his own against Bison

Round 2 - IDK.. because I did see Bison in some comics a few years ago but not so much to where I could tell how strong he is. He got owned by Gouki's Raging Demon in one issue I seen . As for Universal feats I mean the MK live action movie version stomps both Live action Bisons to dust. Bison sucked in both movies got owned by Chun-Li and got owned by Guile and wasn't impressive in his Anime features ether. Guess I'll go with Shang but still not for sure. I only saw Bison in one anime, not sure if I saw Shang in the MK anime and if I did I dont remember how strong he was. Comic wise they only had one comic and I only read like 1-2 issues and again dont remember Lol

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Shang and Bison are IMO very similar characters, with just about equal power levels, who's powers work pretty similarly too. In the canon, both Shang and Bison draw their power from outside sources, and at key parts in their respective stories have a battery of sorts that amped them to great hieghts (Bison's phycho drive, Shang's Soulnado). I'm not sure of any big feats of power that Bison has displayed in his story proper, but given his status in the SFU I's give him the benefit of the doubt that his power can match Shang's outright. The most glaring thing I see between a matchup of these 2, a potential issue for Bison, is that he body hops, i.e. his soul can be extracted, and Shang consumes souls by extracting them fairly regularly and easily.

In terms of base power, specifically in h2h, IMO Isee Bison as being physically stronger and more durable than Shang is (no strength feats that I know of, just my interpretation), while shang is the more skilled and cunning of them (based on their overall story's); but again that is only at base. With Shang's morphing ability he can undoubtably become stronger and more durable than Bison is, and can assimilate more skills and powers outside of his own base abilities in to his fighting style on the fly. Shang can even use Bison's own skills/powers against him, all at a masterful level, so given Shang's TP/soul reading power, coupled with his overall experience, I just think round 1 would have to go to Shang for the majority.

Round 1 - Shang Tsung

Round 2 is a little more hazzy for me just becase I'm not 100% clear on what big things Bison has done in the Udon comic or old USA TV series. Bison's phycho power in the SF2 movie though, was awesome, as with his force field power he was able to reflect both physical strikes and hadouken blasts to take down Ken with minimal effort it seemed. In h2h he handled both Ryu and Ken soundly until it seemed his overconfidence, couple with Ryu's determination, proved to be his downfall. Similarly though, Shang's overconfidence hasn't done him much better in MK's EU, since in MK Conquest Shang had the Great Kung Lao beat until he got cocky.

Throughout MK's EU, media like DOTR, MKC, Malibu comics, and the Legacy series, Shang has fought and defeated many opponents equal to, or of a higher caliber and experience level than, and won. Fighting warriors like OG Kung Lao, multiples of Reptile's people at a time, Edenians, and other "more than human" races, Shang has shown a great skill level more times than I think Bison has shown, to where Shang has even matched Raiden's raw power and skill in battle before, and lived to talk about it (note: Shang is not as strong as Raiden but that showing goes to how skilled and cunning he is which was why he was able to survive).

I've also heard in regards to the SF EU, that Bison (if someone has the scan that'd be great) has "leveled" an island/city before in the comic, and if so, his power in that regard would be equal to Shang's as he's done something similar (Shang destroyed his island in canon). Other EU feats for Shang's magic though include things like stopping time (seemed similar to an Itachi's sharingan jutsu) and creating pocket universes with the use of prep, among other things.

Again, I'd really have to go with versatility though at the end of the day, and say that Shang would just more more tricks up his sleeve, or skills/abilities/powers that he can fall back on that Bison most likely has no answer for.

Round 2 - Shang Tsung

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Both Bison and Shang are teleporters and can fly. They are equal in that regard.

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Round 1: Shang Tsung

Round 2: Shang Tsung

M. Bison won`t be able to counter Shang Tsung`s magical abilities and Shang Tsung is a lot more cunning.

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I think Shang Tsung wins here...

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Shang Tsung... Only because that one on the pic is Vega for me! Japanese names ftw!!!!! Mike Bison is that boxer who looks like Mike Tyson goshdarnit!

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Bison wins easily both rounds

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Before I comment whats EU?

Expanded universe, ie comics and other sources outside of games.

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Both Bison and Shang are teleporters and can fly. They are equal in that regard.

Shang can teleport??