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The four most skilled kung-fu fughters in Boondocks come face-to-face. Huey from Season 2 is using his Black Power Fist. Stinkmeaner is in the body of Tom. Which one wins? There are no restrictions on Bushido Brown or Luna.

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Ann Coulter wins.

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huey has beaten them before he can again

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sky goblin said:
"huey has beaten them before he can again"

He didn't beat Luna or Bushido Brown. Watch "Let's Nab Oprah" and "Attack of the crazy kung-fu wolf bitch" again, then answer.

Vance Astro
"Ann Coulter wins."
May I ask, Who the f#ck is Ann Coulter?
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I'd say Bushido Brown's got this.

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Luna or Bushido wins, if Luna can remain calm I think she can take this

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Probably Luna