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Tombstone has been hired to take out cage.

Being the arrogant sucker he is tombstone only brings a sledge hammer to the fight. They face off in an alley way and the battle begins!

Win by KO or Death


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Luke is stronger isnt he?

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They only weak-point I remember Tombstone having is eyes and I on't know if Luke Cage is going to go that far; although he could eventually get the knockout

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Luke cage is stronger and more durable. He should win.

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Isn't Tombstone like...class 10 at his most powerful? I don't see him taking Luke.

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@jashro44 said:

Luke cage is stronger and more durable. He should win.

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@blackwind: I thought he was stronger than that. He's out muscled spidey who is around 20-30 tons or so. He is weaker than Luke but thats why i gave him the sledge hammer (i dunno if that will really help lol)

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Well, Luke Cage has survived nuclear blasts...... :)

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Cage currently a 25 tonner. Last time I checked Tombstone was about a 7 tonner, but with very good durabilty. Cage is even more durable. Luke Cage easily. Tombstone would need the Wrecker's crowbar to make this a fight.

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It takes roughly 10 ton strength to hurt Tombstone. Cage exceeds that.

It takes over 6 ton strength to hurt Cage (nerve strikes aside) -- and 6 tons is Tombstone's strength level.

Basically, Tombstone isn't taking this. Luke Cage is strong enough to hurt Tombstone and he's durable enough to take Tombstone's hits.

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cage wins.... superior

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Cage whoops that ***

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Didn't Cage tank a nuke recently?

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Cage would effectively curbstomp Tombstone.