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Battle is in Suicide Slums. No prep for either. No Super-Cycle or Shields for Superboy.

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Superboy stomp

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Luke Cage stomps, the animated version was weak sauce

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Good fight. Damn good fight. Superboy was a bit stronger if I recall. Not by such a margin that Luke is totally outclassed since he has thrown hands on some pretty solid bills. Luke has fought and even hurt, Rhino, Namor, Hulk and Wonder Man. But Superboy took a shot from Black Adam, and one-shotted him later on when he was pissed. This is before he got the shields which made him full Kryptonian. Luke might have the overall experience here, being in the game longer and having actually fought against major threats. But Superboy is extremely intelligent, and has training from Canary. I wanna go with Luke, simply because he's been at it longer and would hate to think a rookie could beat him, but SB is a pretty solid brick, with stamina to match. He fought wolf until the damn thing submitted. Good fight, hard to call.