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HFH vs Manbat Joker Bane Mister Freeze Killer Croc deadshot Fire Fly and 30 random thugs

fight to death or k.o

in abandoned warehouse

thugs armed with daggers and smg

who wins and why

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The 30 thugs are cannon fodder. Luke is bullet proof so he lols at Deadshot, and IIRC, Danny is a bullet timer. Bane is a mouse in strength compared to either of them. And Croc is a retarded mouse compared to them. Not really seeing how the H4H lose.

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Don't see the point of adding the 30 extra thugs, seems like you really want HFH here to lose.

Luke Cage shouldn't be damage by any bullets, and Danny as @blackwind said could easily avoid those bullets. I can easily see Luke Cage just walking up to Joker as he shoots away, and punching him right out.

Don't exactly see what Bane would do against either Luke Cage or Iron Fist. So, I'm saying either of them solo it. Mister Freeze might bring some issue, but as long as Cage and Fist are together, I say they take it. Killer Croc is a less powerful and stupified version of Bane, so that's a Luke Cage one shot. Deadshot should be a Luke Cage oneshot. I can see Iron Fist soloing Fire Fly. Don't know that much about Man Bat, but he doesn't seem like he should be that much of a threat to the duo.

And from what I've read from other posters, Iron Fist should easily be able to take out those thirty thugs.

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@sideburnguru: Hey, those thirty thugs are what makes comic interesting! Give them some respect.

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True. They are the villains of most filler comics and plot points!

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Luke Cage solos.

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sorry if i messed up this is my very first battle

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Welcome to the Vine man! It's ok if you mess up a battle due to a lack of knowledge. Once you learn more about these comic book characters you will start making better matches.

That being said... Iron Fist solo's

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H4H take this rather easily

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Heroes For Hire stomp these chumps.