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Two very skilled fighters meet at Gotham City at night to proof who is better at fighting. In this street battle booth fighters can trow at any ability and skill they have, incluiding magical powers and fire weapons....

-Fighting skills are the primary weapon for booth.

-Other abilities and trinkets are included as well.

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Lucario should stomp.

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@frocharocha: Batman wins with the knockout gasses he has since lucario has no defense against that as far as I know (hey, sleep powder works against him!) Other than that, I don't see Bat's winning here unless he's carrying a Flamethrower.

Super durability, excellent speed, good fighter, and powerful ranged attacks. As the fight goes on, lucario even get's better. It'd be like cap vs bats, but every time cap got punched he got slightly stronger.

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This is a really interesting match-up, I think in the end Lucario would be able to take down the Dark Knight due to his speed, stamina and agility as well as far range attacks.

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Lucario as a pokemon is just plain stronger and there is no mention of batman having prior knowledge. In a random encounter he can't handle the speed and strength of Lucario alone, one can argue knock out gas or a stun grenade but is Lucario realistically going to let it hit him considering what he is? Would batman have the sense to use it immediately instead of trying to tangle with the pokemon?

Lucario all day =)

Now if we give TheBatman prep. . . . . . .

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One of the only matches I've seen where a pokemon actually has a great chance of winning a majority.

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Bats stomps easily

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