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40 minutes prep for both.

Battle ends in death.

Full knowledge of both sides

Tony has his "little friend" ( an M16 assault rifle grenade launcher attachment)

Voldemort has his most deadliest and lethal spells all ramped up, including all of his mental spells.

Battle takes place in Hogwarts

Who wins?

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The muggle dies

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You keep making these spite battles. Why don't you like Voldy?

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Voldemort teleports and then uses Avada Kedavra. The end...

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@spinningbirdcake said:

You keep making these spite battles. Why don't you like Voldy?

I love Voldemort so much, you should know that from my performance in threads. But, I want to know if other people think if Muggles can defeat him, so I am backing out.

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I can just imagine Tony coked of his head screaming at voldermort whilst tanking multiple Avada Kedavra curses before going down.

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@Nefarious said:


That was my reaction xD; Btw, Tony survived shoots and killed the neither Mafia alone with a single gun, of course this is a spite to the gang.

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@Bane_of_sith said:

The muggle dies
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Montana destroys Voldemort, horrible spite!

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Voldemort wrecks Montana via Crucio.

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@Kingjohnrocks: I have a few suggestions for you, if you're willing to listen (Not offending you, I think doing these could help what you're trying to prove/find):

1. Instead of making random threads about voldemort against characters who don't have magical arsenal, why not make a thread for it, to know people's opinions about whether voldemort will be beaten by ordinary weapons or not. You can have as many simulations of situations as you like, and instead of having a thread for each separate one of the similar characters, (and getting some of them locked), you can keep them all in one place. And it'll be good for you to have them so, so that you can point them off in future instead of going over again and again. I went ahead and made one already:

Go ahead, make whatever points you'll make for voldemort in these battles.

2. Make a 'Respect Lord Voldemort' thread. You seem to be of opinion that Tom is underestimated very heavily on the forum, so it's probably good to have one of those with us. I'd make one myself, but I thought I'd give you a chance, as you care a lot about the guy. We'll help you with any details necessary, and give some critic help.. (As of a personal request, I'd be glad to know where you think we should be putting him, street level, upper street or so)

(Note that the first thread is for addressing inconsistencies only. This is the first one, I'm planning on discussing many more inconsistencies that bugged me about HP

That's all for now, looking forward to your posts.

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Tony kills him.

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Voldemort tries to snort the coke, but remembers he doesn't have a nose. Scarface wins by humiliation.