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Harry Potter wizards vs multiple armies, specified below.

12 hours prep for HP wizards, 10 hours for the armies.

Battle ends in death.

Morals off, bloodlust on.

Battle takes place in various locations.

Round 1: HP wizards vs 300,,000 spartans

Round 2: HP wizards vs 600,000 of Sauron's army.

Round 3: HP wizards vs 300,000 modern American troops.

Round 4: HP wizards vs 40,000 gang members, including all of the hells angels biker gang.

Which side wins?

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Stops at 3 for sure. Round 4 is a step down from round 3, so I'm not sure why you ordered it that way. We have not seen them use any aoe spells that would help here, which they would need to stop the numbers. They each have normal human durability and reaction times, so getting stabbed or shot is still a game ender.