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Morals off bloodlusted for everyone

Everyone is getting 30 min to prepor the battle ahead each prepares diffeently

General zod sundips for his 30 min

Loki is using his magic to increase his physical strength his reaction time n speed to match everyone else.

Sinestro charges his ring

And black adam is waiting patiently

Battle is on asgard who wins n why

win by death only bfr is allowed

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I'm leaning Zod.Superman when in sun dipped for 15 minutes was able to effortlessly move planets so Zod with 30 min should be aleast that strong if not stronger.Black Adam and Sinestro since Zod is sun dipped if it weren't for that they would be contenders.Now Loki is the real threat here.His magic gives him an edge.If Loki uses his magic wisely then he could win if his lets his arogance get the better of him then it's his battle to lose.

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Hard to say who'll win in a free-for-all there's too many variables to make a decisive choice on a winner.

I don't know I would pick someone who would be able to win due to outsmarting the others and I think that would be either Sinestro or Loki. I don't know much about Loki but he seems like he would be a tricky dude.

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Zod or Loki benefit most from the prep, but I back Sinestro until swayed.

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Loki wins

General Zod, Black Adam, Sinestro should be more familiar with each other which would lead to a massive battle between these three DC Powerhouses... Loki would probably hide behind the scenes and eventually pick apart which one is barely left standing.