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Old School versions. Classic. Fight takes place on an Island. Morals off for Namor. Morals on for Loki. 120 ft. away. Namor has the trident. Who wins?


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Loki easily. Classic Loki nearly beat classic Strange, gave classic Surfer a hard time, and gave classic Thor a headache constantly. Namor isn't anywhere near Loki's power level, and has no real way of dealing with his sorcery.

Also, lol at "morals on" for Loki. The guy's life goal was to murder his half-brother.

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Loki gets my vote

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Loki in a stomp.

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Loki. Namor has no defense against magic, at least none that I'm aware of.

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@nickthedevil said:
Loki in a stomp.