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1 day of prep for each team

Standard equipment for each team.

Morals on? Haha.

Battle takes place in the arctic near the Fortress of Solitude.


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mmmm tough call i wanna say wonderwoman team but the other team is just as versatile i honestly might have to say stalemate, yes most def its a stalemate

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Team 1, I think.

Wonder Woman is the only one limited by morals, so Black Adam takes her out without being knocked out of the fight.

Loki is a prepmaster and a magic user, so he takes out Zod (who is a Kryptonian and so vulnerable to magic) without too much difficulty.

I know nothing about Orm but I suspect Sinestro wins-but Loki and Black Adam together tear him apart.

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Orm solos with plot lightning.

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@tomekeeper: oceanmaster can beat sinestro he will make sinestro belong to the dark waters.

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Any serious ideas on this?

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Team 2 ftw

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@dedrabbit: u mean how we picture the fight will go down

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Isn't Black Adam still featless.

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@immortal777:If its New 52 yeah just about feat less I think. If not he has many many many feats.

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for the new 52 characters their previous feats can count here.

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well in that case loki team wins i love each chachater in this fight equally there all my ppl. lol but if u count previous feats for both teams and prep yea loki team wins i see wonderwoman beating black adam but gets destroyed by lokis magic as well as zod matter off fact loki with prep is gonna use his magic to make zod turn on wonderwoman and they fight, to the death and sinestro gets destroyed by oceanmaster and black adam.