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- Pre Flashpoint Lobo

- Current Thanos,

- Lobo has 3 days prep, Thanos has none, both Thanos and Lobo has morals off, who wins and why?

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mmmmm well its kinda hard to say bc thanos is very inteligent and is very powerful but lobo took over hell without prep so idk and there both immortal i think thanos is probally more powerful but yea lobo wins this

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Thanos. 3 days isn't a lot.

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they keep killing each other for all eternity

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Thanos would win... then Lobo would come back... and then Thanos would kill him again...

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And then Lobo would come back, and then Thanos would get bored of him and transport him into another dimension where Lobo's body is crystalized and destroyed over and over again repeatedly, keeping him trapped there forever.

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Thanos wins, he is more versatile and I don`t think Lobo would be able to penetrate his energy shields.

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Thanos wins, but lobo is one hell motherf*cker