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#151 Posted by Deadgod (1315 posts) - - Show Bio

@Driger said:

@comicfanforever said:

Living Tribunal Wins here. But Cosmic Armour Superman has a good chance against the Living Tribunal....

wrong. LT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> infinite times >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.thought robot and all other supey combined along with sos.

Thought robot was destroyed by power of 10 billion suns. Even a solar syatem has capacity of 100 billion stars. he is not even worth solar system level. so Even a solar system busting attack can destroy him 10 times.

holding limbo was just symbolism. he don't have size manupulation powers. also there wasn't any reason for holding it.

10 billion suns was a hyperbole btw on the same scan it was also stated Mandarak attacked him with the power of 52 universe didn't it? so won't that mean he survived a attack that could destroyed 52 universe? & him holding limbo wasn't just a symbolism , he was in monitor's dimension , monitor themselves exist outside of the multiverse in a dimension beyond in which all characters exist & for Thought Robot multiverse was a just broken piece of puzzle & Thought Robot didn't really held the limbo on his finger but he did had a reason for it , he himself stated that he was in a dimension from which limbo looks so small that he can touch & fit on his finger which should give you the idea of what scale he was operating on.

& btw LT stomps superman prime 1 million

#152 Posted by darth_omega_47 (70 posts) - - Show Bio

The living tribunal can erase and alter entire universes. can sups do that? nooo. and lets keep it between these two and not some other characters.

#153 Posted by ShootingNova (16260 posts) - - Show Bio

Are you serious? Living Tribunal blinkstomps all of the Supermans simultaneously. How on earth does any version of Superman battle a being who overrode the IG with ease, who destroys universes at will and who exists in all multiverses simultaneously?

#154 Posted by rolldestroyer (3508 posts) - - Show Bio

mismatch, this will be locked soon.

#155 Edited by Deranged Midget (17599 posts) - - Show Bio

No reason for a mismatched battle to be bumped guys.