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I decided to post a match I made from Comic Book Universe Battles and see who you think would win and show my writing skills. For those who played Soul Caliber 2, you probably know that the guests{Spawn, Heinachi Mishima, and Link} fought the same guy, Raphehel, instead of more apporiate foes. In my mind, Link should've fought Nightmare. To make it fair i made it Nght Terror from SC 3.

Link walked into the church and saw a fearsome sight. The one known as Nightmare was laughing and apparently transforming.

Nightmare: Yes, it's almost complete! The world's souls will be Soul Edge's!

Link :{ gasp}!

Link calmed himself and charged Nightmare.

Link: Yiahhhh!

Suddenly, the transformation was complete. In Nightmare's place was a fearsome, towering monster, with gigantic wings. It was more than a nightmare. It was a Night Terror. Link stayed calm. Ganon had also transformed before, and Link still came on top.

Night Terror: You have the last pieces! They will be mine!

Link: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Link charged, sword forward, as Night Terror raised his sword.

Okay, I know night terror only appeared in Soul caliber 3, but I wanted an epic battle, like all final bosses in the Zelda games. Plus, I knew if I kept it only like Soul caliber 2, it would depend on the skill of the player. They both have their abilities and items up to that time, etc, Link has all of his items up to the year this game came out. Night Terror could fly link up in the air if he wished, he could do anything that makes sense with this form, but he will not leave the battle. Who wins? and yes, i know my explainations are longer than my actual set-up, but I had to let people understand.

This fight posted by: videogameman

You like? Who would win?

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All the items?

Dang, curbstomp. Link takes this with ease.

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Link can strafe circles around this guy and wear him down with his cartoonish versitility.

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@sparda said:

All the items?

Dang, curbstomp. Link takes this with ease.