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   Vs    Both are at their end of series levels
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If Lina has Giga power she stomps
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@slacker the hacker:

Goku could just speed blitz her before she had the chance.

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End of series?


Manga or Anime series for goku?

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Lina is like a Goddess in the End. I'm pretty sure she can use speed and teleportation equal enough for the Instant Transmission. 

Her powers have a much wider variety of use too. If she starts off with a forcefield to keep Goku at bay, she can Shadow Snap him and the rests of the fireworks follow.

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Lina should win this fight. 

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Lina wins. Spite.

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Lina was not powerful enough to really win here, unless we go with her possessed by the Nightmare Lord. Granted this is TV Anime and not the Manga which I myself could never get a hold of to read. In fact i believe the Manga's are incomplete compared to the TV show. As a Slayers fan, I never seen a complete Manga series.

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