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Round 1

Lightray (Character)


Obsidian (Character)

In Character

Prep Time - One Day

Gear - Lightray has his Mother Box and whatever he can bring from New Genesis, Obsidian has whatever he can bring from Earth.

Standard Character Versions

Incapacitation, KO counts as win (No BFR)

Round 2



No Prep Time

Gear - Standard

Insane Character Versions

Incapacitation, KO, Death counts as win (no BFR)

Location: The Realm of Twilight

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@dondave said:

@ancient_0f_days: Feats for Lightray. As of now I think Obisidian

Well, he casually created a Star while attempting to escape the Black Racer, Overpowering Takion in battle, traveling 8 times the speed of light in the process from the moon to the sun to new genesis, and generating heat equal to that of multiple suns

He's toyed with Kalibak, resisted mind control, one shotted Mongul, circled Apokolips thousands of times in seconds and generated enough light to "Fire a Star"....

This may be even, Obsidian can cover the world in darkness and shadow and Lightray can generate the light of the sun and create suns ..... Lightray is faster and has the luxury of the mother box's many abilities, Obsidian is more durable, more ruthless and he can phase through things ......

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Obsidian takes this. Lightray may be faster but Todd can be multiple places in the iniverse at the same time. he can possess and contol others or take over their shadows. If he wants Todd can choke Lightray while he himself cannot be touched.

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