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Round 1:1week of preps

Round 2:No Preps

Round 3:Moral Off

Round 4:Who's your favorite

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Lex all rounds except R2 if he doesn't has his battle suit

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Round 1: Lex. Better tech and resources

Round 2: Fury, no prep means he's walking in his usual business attire and Fury takes him down easy.

Round 3: Fury. Morals off and since prep was not stated, it's just a more vicious version of round 2.

Round 4: Probably Fury, Lex was always a bland character to me, kind of like Supes.

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Lex has tech on hand to help against threat's from possible assassination from super powered threat's.


Lex who has been brilliantly written at times vs a character who was so unimportant they replaced him.