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This is a handicap match and morals are off. Everyone is fighting to kill. The battle takes place in Time Square, New York. BFR is not allowed. Lex gets his suit.

Round 1: no prep for anyone

Round 2: 2 hours prep for Bruce and Lex

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round 1: wonder woman.

round 2: lex and batman 10/10

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Wonder Woman takes both.....and quickly. Neither of them have the strength to down her, let alone kill her. Nothing they can do with two hours to compensate for her speed and strength.

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@shizarm said:

round 1: wonder woman.

round 2: lex and batman 10/10

Pretty much this. Often Lexs schemes are thwarted by Superman being incredibly smart himself, Wonder Women is smart but she isn't tech smart.

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Wonder Woman takes both. With prep they may just delay their deaths. I know many will point out that both have been able to contend with Superman with prep, but they seem to forget that he possesses actual weaknesses where she has none.

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round 1 could go either way I mean lex in his suit put up a good fight against superman and round 2 batman and lex

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Wonder Woman wins, even with their petty prep, the can't win.

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Superman has multiple large weaknesses that can be exploited by prep and Clark has handled both of them. Diana takes both rounds.

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Wonder Woman takes both.

Round 1. What is Batman going to do with no prep against Wonder Woman? Lex gets blitzed, she's break him in half before he got the chance to put up defensive shields.

Round 2. Team has a chance, Batman can set up a suit (not the insider, it sucks when not being used against low level metas or streets) probably the one he annoyed Bizarro in, fire up dat Bat-jet, assorted gadgets, maybe a nuke etc....Lex already has his suit on, he can whip out the big guns, fire up dat Lexwing, have his shields ready. set up some traps...problem is, Wonder Woman can still blitz Batman and break him and his jet in half, she can still blitz her way through Lex's shields and should he ever lower them, rip his Lexwing apart and rip his arms off. She punches nukes with no problem, unless the trap has her hands bound she's breaking out of it or just straight up ignoring it. Unless Lex mobilizes the Doom Squad or gives himself and Batman some serious super powers they are screwed.

Get someone faster and stronger next time.