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Title says everything. I couldn't make a bigger title but King Ghidorah also teams up to defeat the Planet eater.

Destoroyah Powers and Weakness.

Desotroyah is a monster that weights 80.000 tons and heights 120 meters. But he can change his size and form at will

Destroyah is one of the most powerful monsters in Godzilla. He was the only monster in the series to survive a single (also multiple) of meltdown Godzilla. Like Dr.Manhathan, Destroyah can reconstruct his body and change his form at any time. he usually does that when his body is completely destroyed. Desotroyah can also use that ability to becoem trillions of mini desotroyahs. Desotroyah also use oxygen Destroyer blasts, which destroys all organic life with i'ts range and can also destroy with ease the most harder of metals.

Desotroyah only weakness is cold, freezing him makes him unable to create itself or regenerate. Thus killing the beast.

King Ghidorah powers and weakness

King Ghidorah, also called "the Kign of terror" is an alien that weights 25,000-70,000 tons and heights 100-140 meters. King Ghidorah travels the universe wiping out all planet lifes and then proceeding to others.

King Ghidorah can create storms with i'ts huge wings. His main weapon is it''s gravity bolts, which negates the gravity and paralyze it's opponents. At Earth he traveled at Mach 3 speed. King Ghidorah can also create a "magic field" wich protects him from almost any kind of attacks. He can also push his enemies to him use magical fields and use devastating magical beams.[

Space Godzilla powers and weakness

Space Godzilla is the most powerful Cosmic being in Godzilla series after King Ghidorah, the destroyer of worlds. He heights 120 meters tall and wights 80.000 tons. Space Godzilla is what we could call the devil, being extremely evil, destroying everything in it's path. He is clone of Biollante, King Ghidorah, Godzilla and other monsters. He was born from a white and a black hole. Thus he had the energy of an untold massive number of stars.

Space Godzilla is powerful as heck. He can cross the universe at SFTL speeds (super faster than light) able to cross the universe in a small amount of time. He can also travel across realms as well.Space Godzilla can also regenerate as fast as Godzilla, making him almost immune to injure.

Space Godzilla destroyed with ease the most powerful weapon humanity ever created. M.O.G.U.E.R.A. Fighting at Earth he showed powers such as telekinesis, gravity control at will, levitation and other physic powers. He can also shoot gravity boolts, super negative powers and corona beams from his crystals.

Space Godzilla was the only monsters in the series show to deflect Gozilla fatal atomic breathes or resist them with ease. Space Godzilla can use beam similar to the ones of Godzilla at way more powerful. Space Godzilla can also turn almost anything into living conduits which increases his powers to infinite. He is also able to do that summoning crystals from nowhere .He also create an impervious armor which deflected almost anything the military and Godzilla had to offer. It also boosted it's powers massively.

He cans also absorb completely anything energy by touch, create electromagnetic auras, negate gravity laws and use other unnamed cosmic powers.

Legendary Godzilla

All Godzilla versions in a single one. legendary Godzilla to a Earth monster showed some formidable powers. Such as FTL reactions, super resistance against all kind of attacks. For example, Godzilla was show to tank black holes, survive internal explosions and multiple blasts of the Oxygen destroyer, which destroys all organic life at i'ts range and can cut almost at anything. He also regenerated crippled limbs.

Not forgetting about his military winnings. He is able to tank with ease energy blasts, nuclear weapons, protons weapons and all shit the military can trow at him. At Final wars, Godzilla had his powers boost to infinite, winch according to Toho, was enough to generate/create another Big bang.

He survived everything trowed at him so far Fro the exception of the Oxygen destroyer.

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Bump for the winzzz

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Galactus still stomps.

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The zilla team will give G a pause but they will be destroyed

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Galactus stomp

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