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Both the League and The Doctor get 1 week prep

Both sides have a good deal of knowledge on each other's passed feats and weaponry

The League is working well together

The Doctor may use the help of two his companions

No bringing in outside help other then the who is in their respective parites

No instant winning with time travel, but TT is allowed for gathering tech, weapons and other items

Win by death/knockout/capture

Doc Brown (Back to The Future)

Angus Macgyver (Macgyver)

BA Baracus (The A Team)

Lisa (Weird Science)

Jack Burton (Big Trouble Little Chine)

The Doctor

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The Doctor Stomps- he merges with the Tardis and becomes Omnipotent.

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Doc curb stomps...He would literally erase them from existance

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You do realise that the Doctor can effectively lock the Time vortex making Timetravel for them Useless?.

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Yeah Doctor stomps..still does not changes fact that last doctor is incredibly annoying, predictable and crybaby