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doom dicides he wants to controll the power of a mutant army so he wages war on genosha so that he may capture and corrupt mutants

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Unless Doom has plenty of prep time to make doom bots, then Genosha all the way. anyway, doom bots would get pwned by Magneto.

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the doom bots out number the mutants 3-2

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@neil419: yeah but mutant outpower the doom bots

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@neil419 said:

the doom bots out number the mutants 3-2

Again, Magneto and Polaris are more than enough to wipe out the doombots.

Doom needs prep to make this slightly fair but not too much prep to where it becomes a stomp in his favor. I'd say 2-3 days prep time for both sides would be decent.

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Magneto by Himself deals with any Doombots. As for the rest of the Muntants vs Dr. Doom i will say Muntants. They have more Versatility and options.

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Latveria plus Doom already knows Magneto's powers so he'll put a spell on his robts before battling Genosha plus Dr Doom always defeated Magneto

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Not enough details in the OP. Doom would need prep to stand a chance.