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Pre-Flashpoint. In-character. No prep. Standard gear. No outside help.

The battle takes place on Cairn. Who and more importantly why?

Also, please give a reason. If you do not give a reason, you epic fail.

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@The_Last_Son_of_Czarnia: Really nice seen someone use Lady Quark in a battle. I thinks Lady Quark can win.

She is much faster than Lobo and despite not be as strong as he,she would use the stored energy to enhanced her strength,also she has the flight and the martial arts as a edge. Lady Quark could win via BFR,because K.O is damn hard and would take a long,because Lobo stamina and healing factor.

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@matchesmalone21: Curious as to your opinion on how big the gap in speed and/or skill is? Thanks.

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@The_Last_Son_of_Czarnia: Well Lobo is more to a brawler,than a martial artist and because of his stamina,strength and speed,put a good chanllenge for everyone..but it is vastly superior in use of weapons. Lady Quark is more faster,because of her own energy and add the energy manipulation/absorption,she is able to increase the speed and Quark was trained in ''all'' martial arts(which is impossible let's say the most know),she can use as an advantage against Wolf, combining the speed and skills, she could keep aftor healing in check by algun period of time, the BFR him.

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@The_Last_Son_of_Czarnia: this is actually a really good fight. I agree Quark has a speed and skill edge especially as she knows every MA and her strength is nothing to look down on, even if Lobo's is probably greater. She is also more consistent than him. But he may have the most ridiculous healing quotient in comics and he can't die. So I think this fight could go either way Quark wins if she cn put Lobo down early but the longer the fight rages on the slimmer her chances become.