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This fight may be weird but this a really random fight that just came to me


no prep , in character , standard equipment , both want to win no matter what , Kurapika can use his chain freely with out danger, speed for the most part is equal i guess

Location - Yorknew City

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Hmmmmm I need to read up on HxH again but I think Kurapika should take this handily. He hasn't shown up in the Manga for a while but I recall someone mentioning that he is either stronger than or equal to Gon. And this was during the Chimera Ant saga where Gon was capable of busting mountains and punching people out of cities....

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Pretty sure Kurapika crushes. Spidey couldn't web him and if Kura's got Scarlet eye + non restricted chains then spidey could only run because it's amazingly fast, super persistent, and unbreakable by nuclear force, and can also magically put you under a death spell.

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i think that kurapika can take this. If he can get chain jail on spiderman, it should be enough to restrict him. and if he gets judgement chain on him, then its gg. He can pretty much one shot you as soon as judgement chain is on you