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Poll: Kryptonians (Man of Steel) vs Necromongers (Chronicles of Riddick) (5 votes)

Kryptonians 80%
Necromongers 20%

i think i'd be a pretty cool fight.

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I'm going to flag my own post so the mods might just take a look at this thread.....

A Furian who's physique may be a little bit above that of a human's was able to take down a slew of necromongers, take down a large one in the beginning of Chronicles of Riddick, threaten their oh so powerful Lord Marshal and murder him with a knife and some team work ..... this thread is RIDDICKulous (HAHAHA get it...)

No offense, but stick to the artwork ... read the Battle Forum Rules and the Battles Bible first before making more of these

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The necros greatest fighter got taken out by a guy with less speed and reaction than spiderman...... And you put them up against superman level guys....... Can you see the problem here.

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hmm.. i guess the earth's sun gives the Kryptonians a lot of power.

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Maybe he means without the sun's radiation giving them power?