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Krypto is flying over Central Park, when suddenly he looks down and sees a frog being attacked by rats. He flys down and blows the rats away with his super breath, but it is to late. The frog is dead. Suddenly another frog, Puddlegulp, appears and sees Krypto standing over the dead frog and stouts "murderer!". Krypto tries to explain but before he can the frog strikes a small piece of stone to the ground and is transformed into Throg, the frog of thunder. He leaps at Krypto shouting "PREPARE YOURSELF, FIEND!" the battle begins .... (who wins only you can decide.)

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wait, what the heck is a Throg? Thor has a frog pet who turns into an asgardian? what?

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Lol, he does exist. Krypto should win though...

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Well Throg did put up a fight with Thanos before getting pimped slapped. This essentially is Thor vs Superman, Krypto is likely stronger and faster.

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Krypto FTW

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@i_am_warlock: If this is 'essentially' Thor vs Superman, and Throgg was putting up a fight against Thanos, and those are your reasons, Throgg should win. Thanos is far more of a threat that Thor has displayed to beat-at least while holding back-and Thor in general is stronger than Superman.

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Krypto stomps

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A dog > a frog.