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Who wins? No New 52. 

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Krillin in a stomp.


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Krillin stomp superboy? Don't think so

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@Bane_of_sith said:

Krillin stomp superboy? Don't think so

Believe it.

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The better matchup would be.... Krillin vs. DC Universe


(pls don't hurt me)

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It would be like in the Bojack movie where Krillin fights Piccolo and Piccolo just took off because he took pity on him and Krillin in that way won his match. Krillin wins because of SB taking pity on him :)

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Superboy wins easily lmao

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He is fast and can throw some pretty powerful energy attacks, however he lacks the durability to fight with Sups

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Krillin wins with a destructo disc to the back of superboy's neck

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Superboy ftw

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Superboy pwns with ease.

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Aww Krillin gets no love. Still he wins.

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@XImpossibruX: Remind me, who's Krillin?

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Well I guess this will be Krillins 6th death now.

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Krillin should match up nicely. A stomp in noes favor. Krillin Speed should match Super boy (Last time I check SB is nowhere near speed to Superman or Supergirl?) and is a weaker in stats to Superman himself.

Krillin might win this.

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@Living_Monstrosity said:

Superboy pwns with ease.

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who is krillin?

superboy has caught supergirls fist,while she was in the middle of a speedblitz,and his TTK has pushed kid flash faster than he can even move,so he is a powerhouse,and dont forget he is more than physical stats,he has full TK,and a sensory ability that lets him perceive everything around him.

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@stephens2177: they're using pre-52 superboy in this battle

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Put in Krillin in the frieza saga Super Boy has no chance.

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Superboy stomps he can easily one shot Krillin.

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Krillin get his butt kicked all the time SB wins the is a stomp

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Just put an infinity symbol for the Krillin Owned count TFS has going.