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Battle takes place in a random abandon arena. It is a fight to the death.

Kratos does not have the Olympus Blade, Hercules Gloves, Apollo or Medusa's heads or any other god weapons. He does have his Chain-blades and Hermes Boots

Spartacus has 2 swords, knife

Crixus has sword and shield, knife

Gannicus has 2 swords, knife

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Could go either way for me

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Kratos. Spite.

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Kratos still out classes them all in speed and strength, so it hard to see them winning this fight. That being said, the team has some serious skill and I can see them wounding Kratos pretty good.

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Kratos wins, he far outclasses them in raw strength as well as durability and he`s much more aggressive when it comes to fighting.

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Kratos Stomps