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@emetheto: itachi and Sauke could use Genjustsu or Amaterasu and Naruto could go Kyuubi mode Kratos loses.

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@darkbeam: what part of being time stopped and going temporarily immortal do you not understand?

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@emetheto said:

@darkbeam: what part of being time stopped and going temporarily immortal do you not understand?

The part where any of them blitz him before he stops time. What's to say kratos is even sonic in reaction/combat speed?

And the one which they seal him, he can stay immortal all he likes.

Assuming drops five mountain busters on him, what exactly can kratos do?

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@princearagorn1 said:

@deathandgrim said:

So you mean to tell me that them fighting on Kratos's stomping ground has no merit? I mean basically using this logic it's pretty hard to gauge anything either side has done since they exist in different worlds. Sure Naruto may have done something amazing but is it all that amazing in GoW world? Considering that's where this takes place.

So we go by objective feats.

How strong are his strikes? How fast is he in combat speed/reactions? What are the techniques he can use? what are his prep feats? etc.

Well lets go by raw strength first, Strong enough to slash open Zues and Cronos without difficulty. Strong enough to snap Poseidon's neck and tear off Helios's head with his bare hands. Strong enough to cut off Gaia's hand. Took a swim in the River Styx AND GOT OUT (A feat not many can claim)

For speed let's just take into account he can stop time for quite a bit. Boots of Hermes, Wings of Icarus included.

Techniques of which he's got practically 100 at this point. The most potent being Rage of the Titans in which he basically is a Titan.

  • He can summon the armies of Hadesand Sparta
  • Has the heads of Medusa, Euriel, and Helios
  • Sword of Olympus, Athena, and Artemis
  • Can summon Typhoons, Earthquakes, Lightning storms at will
  • Bow of Artemis (I think it was Artemis) with perfect accuracy complete with Flaming arrows
  • Breaks free of the effects of Medusa's gaze as well as gorgons

And plenty more but I've only played the Console experience :P

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Come on I wanna see the defense