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Kratos has the Sword Of Olympus only.
He-Man has in hand his Power Sword.
Edit: They are both at Full Power. He-Man is at his peak & Kratos is as he was in GOW 3 Before his Final Battle With Zeus.
Battle to the Death! He-Man is Ready to Kill. Krato is always ready to kill!  Who Takes it? 



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Kratos, self-explanatory.

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Lol Fair Enough.
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He-Man more feats, better feats, not just a video game character.
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@Xavier St. Cloud: 
Fair as well. Like What feats though?
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Tossed the Moon back in to space
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@slacker the hacker: 
lol Launched a castle Tower into Orbit lol He-Man is a Beast!
Edit: I still think Kratos Powers are Comparable.
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True but based on the OP, I took it as they only have the weapons, No Powers. I have feats for Prince Adam, do you have feats for Kratos as a normal human?  No you do not, because he has never been without powers. So, do to lack of feats, He-Man wins. 
If both were full powered, Kratos would stand a better chance, and I would have more to say, to build cases for both characters.
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@Xavier St. Cloud: 
Well Sir you are Technically Correct! The Best Kind Of Correct! So I Changed the Op :D
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He-Man has better strength feats. 
Kratos has better Magic gifts. 
He-Man has the better weapon, it is said too hold the souls of thousands of ancient  gods, and its power has no known cap. 
Kratos is more willing to kill, and has more of a rage problem. 
He-Man has better fighting skills. 
Kratos is a Demi God. 
He-Man is a Champion of the Universe, and his powers come from Greyskull, a realm of ancient god powers.  
Kratos has better long rang attacks. 
He-Man has better short rang attacks. 
Okay I need to know exactly what powers Kratos has in this fight, because some of the stuff he had in 3, was weapons not abilities. 
Honestly I think if you took everything away from both of them, and had them fight H2H, He-Man would most likely win, so he is the better warrior, however, Kratos has some cool abilities, armor, and weapons, so I need to know, what exactly he has, going into this fight. 
With He-Man it is alot less complicated, he doesn't have all the crap, that Kratos has acquired, from Gods, monsters, and other hero's. 

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Kratos' feats consist of killing gods and defeating mighty titans. He wins

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@Supreme Cosmic:
Kratos is a video game character from a game called God of War, a game where your objective is too kill Gods, if he did not kill Gods, the game would not have been very good, I still miss your point, if you have one. Try reading He-Man comics for a while and then actually have something with content too it to post. He-Man does not kill, unless he has too, he has been known to do so, he has killed powerful deamons, giants, titans, titanic monsters, and yes even Gods... So your ABC logic has no place here. If you really think you can compair 3 video games, to 30 years of Comics, well good luck.