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After Kratos is nowhere to be found by the end of GOW 3 as he had released Hope into the world, the near dead Spartan finds himself in the Dream World.

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Kratos - God of War #5

The Dream Stalker attempts to invade the mind of the Ghost Of Sparta and recreate his demons as he exploits them, will he succeed or will he share the same fate as Zeus?

Kratos has 3 months of prep, all of his equipment from GOW 3 and Hope if he needs it.

Kratos is in character

Freddy is in character

Fight takes place in the Dream World

Who wins?

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@NeonGameWave:Isn't Freddy like God in the Dream realm

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@dondave said:

@NeonGameWave:Isn't Freddy like God in the Dream realm


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@Sideslash: So how could Kratos win, but isn't the only way he enter people's drams is if they have fear. I don't think Kratos get scared of anything therefore rendering this match up moot

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@dondave: Exactly.

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@dondave: Not exactly. Freddy has complete control in some form but he works with fear and is only at that level when fueled by souls. He's also in characcter meaning he will toy with Kratos and would not use his powers to their fullest.

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Freddy is basically unstoppable in the dream realm, but since Kratos has a plot device he wins.

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Freddy in the dream realm 100%

Kratos in the material realm 99,9%

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hahaha, Freddy got his ass kicked by normal girl, Kratos win without prep and with just bare hand lol

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Freddy air humps him.

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Hey,look a thread that Kratos actually stomps

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