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Two bamfs facing against each other.

- Battle starts 100 feet away from each other

- No prep

- Kratos is blood lusted

- Battle is located at an uninhabited island

-Who wins and why?

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Death wins because of his Reaper form but Kratos would give him a good fight.

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I freaking love both of these game series. But I think Kratos has better feats in both durability and strength, and he's got more options with the wide array of powers and weapons he has. Soul stealing and petrifying can potentially lead to easy wins for Kratos. And Kratos can counter Death's Reaper Form with Rage of Sparta. Once both or those are down, it's gonna come down to a brawl in melee combat, or Kratos is gonna cheese him with magic. And anything Death can do Kratos can block with the Golden Fleece.

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Just finished playing Darksiders 2 about a month ago. Death was impressive, but I would still give the fight to Kratos. Death's brother WAR would probably give the Ghost of Sparta a better fight imo

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A bloodlusted Kratos killed just about every god in greek mythology along with all of its mythical beast. What makes this guy any special?

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@The_Gravix said:

A bloodlusted Kratos killed just about every god in greek mythology along with all of its mythical beast. What makes this guy any special?

He's ****ing DEATH THAT'S WHAT.

Granted, Kratos killed Thanos. But that was a lesser Death.

On topic, I want to say Death's agility would give him the edge. Particularly with the Soulsplitter. Drop his real body somewhere, split into two, overwhelm Kratos with one from long range with ghouls and crows draining, burning, and freezing him. Overwhelm him with the other at close range with his scythes, matching Kratos's Metal Cestus with Death's own Gauntlets.

Kratos is pretty durable normally, but the vast majority of his enemies tend to try and overwhelm him with just numbers and brute force. Kratos has enough brute force to cancel out their numbers. Against Death, Kratos will face coordinated strategy, superior numbers, superior long range firepower, and possibly even superior weaponry. And as long as Soulsplitter is active, Death can move his consciousness between the bodies whenever Kratos is about to land a hit, then back again instantly to continue the assault, avoiding damage.

In case it isn't abundantly clear, I'll give it to Death.

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@JonSmith: That's interesting.

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Kratos and Death are evenly matched this fight could go on forever

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Kratos, if he can kill the god of gods he can kill one of his lessors.

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Kratos ftw

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@e3zombie said:

Kratos, if he can kill the god of gods he can kill one of his lessors.

The gods in God of War were not all that impressive, especially when compared to other portrayals of their character (Marvel Zeus, so very much).

As always with the Kratos/Dante debates, a good question is how does Kratos do against bullets? He doesn't have the reaction time to dodge them so he's going to be shot by Death/Strife's gun until Kratos can do something to stop Death from firing.

Either way, I believe Death wins this fight. To fight Death is not a one-on-one fight thanks to his necromancy and summoning techniques. While the ghouls and ravens are not going to be a major threat to Kratos directly, they can assist Death (the health-restoring ravens) and hinder Kratos by attacking him from all sides (the ghouls), giving Death a good opportunity to attack.

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Kratos has superior strength and reaction time feats. Kronos and Castor/Pollux come to mind. Death is cool but he lacks really good concrete strength feats.

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based on everything I seen kratos would win.

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Death. More versatile.

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Death should win. He is almost completely invulnerable. Check out this scan of the Darksiders Comic.

Death is ran completely through with Chaoseater and comes out completely unscathed. There isn't any blood or even a mark where the sword went through. IMO Chaoseater would do a lot more damage then any of Kratos weapons too, except for maybe the Blade of Olympus.

With Death's agility, magic, necromancy, and almost complete invulnerability, Death should come out the winner.

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@shazam117: Death is the strongest out of the housemen and has won a fight against War before. I think death would put up a better fight.

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I never really understood something....how is anyone suppose to actually kill Death? Isn't Death already dead? I mean I guess in comics and the like, he could die but then given the character that just seems more like a BFR then anything else.

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He can die but because of his role as one of enforcers of the charred councils law he would just be brought back. At the end of darksiders 2 he dies but comes back with all of his powers because the last seal was broke, and from what i know he gains even more power from the charred council when the seal is broke. So even if you could kill him, witch would be very hard to do, he would probably just be brought back.

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@josh4korn: Well I was kinda speaking in general, not so much the game. :P

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Stalemate. They both have equal abilities. Strength is definetly Kratos, Speed/Agility I'd give to Death, Skill is about equal. The problem is that they CAN'T DIE!!

Death always comes back from death, and Kratos ALWAYS drags himself out of Hades when HE dies, so the fight will go on forever.

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Kratos can only do a little damage on death cause of his reaper form.

But can kratos beat corruption ?

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Kratos wins. Assuming ofcourse death can actually DIE.

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@bruxae said:

Kratos wins. Assuming ofcourse death can actually DIE.

Actually injuring Death is the question since even War's chaos Blade couldn't harm him & its one of the most powerful weapons in the darksiders universe .

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GOW ascension kratos all items upgraded max rage in new game+ vs DS2 death best possesed weapons and best armor both skill tree fully upgraded lvl30 all gear

Secondary weapons any kind

Place ??

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Death wins.

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Death gives kratos the deadliest death.... of death

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Claws of Hades

Chaos Blade

Blade of Olympus

these weapons would kill the unkillable !

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Didn't Kratos survive being run through as well? He has arguably better strength feats as well but Death should take this due to magic and being...Death.

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Kratos stomps

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Kratos > Hades >>> War or Death