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The Punisher is out to get Korben Dallas, former major in the federated army's special forces. He goes through a time warp and finds himself on Fhloston Paradise. He has his usual arsenal of weapons and to get Korben's attention purposely fires a bullet right next to Mr.Dallas' head. Korben is fully willing to try and take out the punisher. But, to deal with The Punisher's usual weaponry, he luckily has a new weapon from the wealthy industrialist Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg.
Who will win in this encounter?  


Here is the weapon that Korben Dallas has obtained from one of Zorg's men.  

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Punisher... but is he Post-Death?
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Frank should win this one...
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Lol. I love this movie, one of my favorites growing up.  I still would have to go with Punisher though, but he would need some sort of armor i think to deal with Korben's new toy...
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Yeah I am going to go with Korben aswell.
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Haha, I remember this.  
Random bump lol

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Castle wins.

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The Punisher

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@CortSether said:
that's the HALO's gun!
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Korbin slaughterstomps, that weapon is overpowered, even with his pistol or a mangalore rifle he is still a big threat to the punisher and could win.

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The video was deleted but I assume OP meant Korben Dallas gets this weapon?

Haha, Korben stomps Punisher easily.