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Who would win in a team death match, t=Team Geass or Team Ranger:

Team Geass:

Suzaku Kururugi (with the "Live" Geass) and the Lancelot Albion

Anya and the Mordred

Kallen and the Guren seiten eight elements

Gino and the Tristain Driver

Lelouch and the Shinkiro

Team Ranger:

Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red

Delta Command Megazord

Samurai Gigazord

RPM Ultrazord

Mantacore Megazord

Animus with the ability to use all known wild zord

Rangers cannot use abilities out side of their zords. Fight takes place in an abandon city unfamiliar to both sides. They both start on the ground 100 yards apart

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Team ranger

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Your list automatically fails if the best Megazord is left off the list

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I will go with KF.

It is a classic battle between a super and real robots. Zords are basically Super Robots but not in the caliber of Mazinkaiser or Voltes V, plus Zords are slow as hell and cannot move much, Kallen and Anya will murder them.

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