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Kingpin and his hired assassins wish to take out the Hood whos getting to bold. New York becomes there Battleground. Who Wins. 
Kingpin, Bullseye, Electra, Answer, Hob Goblin (Phil Urich). 
Hood, Madame Masque, Mr. Hyde, Blackout, Shocker. 
- No Morals (as if any of them had any) 
- No BFR  
Whos the better Criminal Gang Leader? 

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Kingpin is the better leader and I also think his team could beat the Hoods.

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Fisk and Co.

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Fisk's gang annihilates Hood's pathetic 'gang'..let alone his killers.

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Hyde solos.

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Wait..... Mister Hyde? the guy who has shown to damage guys like Thor. I read somewhere he is a 70-90 tonner. No way anyone is taking him down here but I dont know much about Answer.

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That be the same Mr. Hyde