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Star Wars

  • Luke Skywalker (Can somewell tell me a good level to put Luke at?)
  • Yoda
  • Darth Vader
  • Darth Sidious
  • 2,000 wookies
  • 2,000 of the Empire's Royal guard
  • 2,000 AT-ATs

Kingdom Hearts

  • Sora (No summons or "Dream Eaters", everything else is available)
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Vanitas
  • Master Xehanort (using feats of his "pieces")
  • 2,000 Neo Shadows
  • 2,000 Dusk
  • 1,000 Darkside's & 1,000 Twilight Thorns


  • Battle Takes place on desolate, indestructable planet
  • Armies take place half a mile from each other
  • Morals off
  • Bloodlusted
  • Teams have 2 days of prep
  • Kingdom Hearts has both game feats & manga feats (if that makes a difference)
  • Star Wars uses either movie or EU feats (depends on which one makes it fair)
  • If the battle is set up with too many combatants tell me so i can edit it.
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King Mickey does NOT lose

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I don't think anyone has toonforce in Kingdom Hearts, so I'm going with Star Wars.

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Kingdom Hearts!!!!

Master Xehanort turnes all wookies and living Creatures to Heartless creating a bigger army against the SW team. And KH team has cure, so they can all just keep healing each other

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Star Wars wins BIG

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@Baldy: @JamesKM716: Why?

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JarJar Solo's

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@Soothing_Sounds: Sidious and Luke have massive high end feats. Sidious an move incredibly fast, can dominate the minds of billions at once, and is a master duelist. Luke is even stronger than Sidious. Personally i could potentially see them solo.

What can the KH guys do to hurt them?

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@JamesKM716: Their Tp is pretty impressive, might have to eliminate that. Besides that, Sora has been said to move at hyper-sonic speeds and "pieces" of Master Xehanort were standing toe to toe and sometimes besting Sora & Riku. MX can stop time and has a large variety of powerful magic, he's also a master tactician and planner. Sora also tends to cut through buildings with ease at some points, and is also a powerful magician. All of their weapons are magical at heart, and each one of them are extremely skilled.

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@Soothing_Sounds: From what you've said, the time stop ability sounds the most dangerous. How does it work exactly? slow down time or just straight up stop it?

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@JamesKM716: It literally stopped time, it seemed that an external magical force can interfer with it. As the only reason the protagonist were saved was because Mickey and Yen Sid interferred with the spell.

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Then it would seem that its a stomp in favor of KH.

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@JamesKM716: Perhaps i should add that it had seemingly limited range. Though i think it was infinite in time to use it.

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@RingSlinger said:

JarJar Solo's


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@Soothing_Sounds: Wait so it freezes time everywhere in a ten foot zone? i'm confused...

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@Soothing_Sounds said:

@Baldy: @JamesKM716: Why?

Because they have abilities that can one-shot the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts team and they have the reaction speed to use them before the Kingdom Hearts chaps can do anything. Additionally, even if they somehow manage to kill the Star Wars team, I don't see what's stopping Sidious from just body snatching his way to victory.

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@Baldy: That's what i was thinking, but that time stop ability makes me partially doubt SW Team...

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@JamesKM716 said:

@Baldy: That's what i was thinking, but that time stop ability makes me partially doubt SW Team...

Unless the time stop has a range of half a mile and he can pull it off before he gets either mindslaved or wormholed, it won't do him much good.

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True. In which case Star Wars would stomp. btw, do you think Sidious could solo this?

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Star Wars

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Hmmm... this is really tough. I'd say the KH fodder wins. Wookies can beat most of them, but they can also be infested and become heartless themselves. AT-ATs are a pretty big threat to the fodder, but most KH main heroes can one shot them. Sidious and Luke are pretty ridiculous. I think Sidious could stalemate Sora. Luke beats them all, though. This is really tough.

I'd say 6/10 Star Wars.

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KH - They have Sora who has multiple Forms, which are built for different situations; and keyblades for multiple situations

Vanitas who can shoot massive beams towards his targets

King Mickey who is skilled in both magic and sword fighting ( and Really who would hurt Mickey Mouse lol)

Master Xehanort who has too many skills to list

Most of these characters have differents skills and magics collected from all sorts of worlds ( Levitation, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Forms of Wind, Cure-Healing, Time Stop, Control Gravity, a spell to scan for Weakness, forms of magnetasm, some of the Characters are even telekinetic, Like when Xehanort moved thousands of keys.

The Shadows and Dusks are hard to hit because they stay in the ground and maneuver around their enemies

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KH chars can control gravity time heal themselves control wind lightning ect and can combine these things to make different elemental disasters.(Combining fire and wind to make a flaming tornado of doom muahahahaha!) Not to mention sora has transformations is hypersonic survived what was pretty much death through shear willpower, and isn't even a his peak yet. King Mickey has never been seen going full out and tops all of soras feats btw. I don't remember the time magic having a limited range I think it can effect so many people though depending on the person(sora wouldn't be able to use it on alot of people for example.)

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Star Wars would PROBABLY win (with crap tons of losses), however if you added any of the high end reality warpers for KH (Xemnas, Zexion etc), they would just snap their fingers and it would be game.

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I couldn't not look into this thread. :P

Thanks for reading,


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Sora was a beast by the end of KH2.

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@RingSlinger said:

JarJar Solo's


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Hmmm. Sora has so many spells with so many effects its crazy. But team Star Wars is extremely powerful and Sidious is very hax.

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@Baldy said:

I don't think anyone has toonforce in Kingdom Hearts, so I'm going with Star Wars.

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I can honestly see the KH crew winning.

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Mickey Mouse wins effortlessly.

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Kingdom Hearts murderstomps.

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KH wins, for one thing they have an endless army due to Vanitas (Creates Unversed via negitive emotions), Darksides and Twilight thorns, then they have a man who can terraform the battlefield with a flick of his wrist which would cause massive losses to their AT-AT's forces because those things need level ground to be of any use and Xehanort would send mickey in with a CoD to do a Stopza murder stomp to the main threats of the SW army then we have the heartless who will feast upon the human and Wookie forces with minor difficulty but in the end they can't be truely killed by them (Heartless revive if not killed with a keyblade) and the Nobodies are invincible because of the manga as seen in http://mangafox.me/manga/kingdom_hearts_ii/v01/c004/5.html also when did the maker of this post say that star wars has Movie and EU feats he never said which he said either or ... make up your mind already. Xehanort Solos because of opening a black hole over their heads as Xemnas did then there is building tossing, using time to slow people down, undo damage with time, and the creation of many, many clones, becoming invisible ... trust me no winning against the master stratigest from hell.

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I can see KH winning. Too many overpowered spells and abilities, alongside superior physical abilities as well.

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Do the characters in KH abide by cartoon physics? Also, isn't Mickey Mouse a high tier reality warper in the KH series? Can someone fill me in on what the KH characters can actually do?

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A fun and interesting (and surprisingly close) match-up. In the end I think that it's KH's durability feats which win this one for them. Sora's attack strength has been shown to be great enough to slice a building in half with one strike, and Xemnas is able to take dozens of these hits without significant damage. Sidious might be significantly faster, but what is he going to do when his lightning fails to cause any real damage and Xehanort responds by surrounding him with hundreds of ethereal blades that create a perfect dome and fires them all at him.

Sidious has speed, but Xehanort is nearly indestructible, especially with Xemnas' feats, and I feel can dish out more raw power. (and yes I know that Sidious CAN generate enough power to destroy a planet, but he doesn't exactly dish that power out in the middle of a duel, and it doesn't change the fact that his body is still squishy and soft)

Similarly, Yoda and Mickey might be on similar speed levels, but while Yoda could hold back Sidious' force lightning for a while, I can't see him doing the same for one of Mickey's Pearl or Holy spells.

Luke vs. Sora is the hardest, because depending on which level of Luke you are talking about, he can be really, REALLY powerful. But again I feel like Sora's durability is just too high. The guy can tank a TON of stuff without any real negative effects, such as a giant flaming meteor chucked by a genie and Hellfire from a god of death. Plus, Sora is quite fast himself and while Luke is faster (no doubt), Sora has proven he can deal with enemies who are faster than he is (Larxene, anyone?). After tanking a few lightsaber strikes, I feel he would just Stopga Luke and proceed to pop his head off with one hit (which would then freak him out because he's not use to people with regular bodies taking the brunt of one of his intense attacks).

Vader vs Vanitas is actually a bit of a curb-stomp in Vanitas' favor, which PAINS me to say because I never liked Vanitas and Vader is one of my all time favorite villains. But Vanitas also has that Kingdom Hearts durability, plus he is faster than Vader. Vader's raw power might be able to keep Vanitas at bay for a while...but only a while.

Fodder makes little difference, but even here the durability comes into play, and the Neoshadow's ability to meld into the walls makes it a really unfair fight against the Wookies. At best the AT-AT's might be able to over-power the Darkside heartless.

Sooooo, while I don't think it would be quite as easy as all that sounds, yeah, I'm going for Kingdom Hearts.

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I like your response you clearly thought about this long and hard about this and after reading your response TheIrishDoctor I agree.

But also Sora actually cuts through multiple buildings effortlessly and ends up on the other side before they even split apart ... does that mean he can phase through matter with speed or what? Also what if Xehanort just Grabs the force user with his Xemnas powers then CoD them into deep space, also wouldn't Xehanort have his guardian and the capability to drag his new organization into this battle at any moment he wished due to time powers calling them to their time which means Xigbar shoots their eye's out for fun.