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No prep.

Morals off.

Random encounter.

Thor has the belt of strength, Prime has his Anti-Monitor armor.

Battlefield: A deserted planet near a yellow sun.

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I guess I'll start.

Prime has the edge in speed, seeing how he is capable of punching 3 Flashes before they can react.

He was capable of beating the tar out of Sodam Yat infused with the power of ION.

Loading Video...

And he was ripping Lanterns apart with ease whilst engaging Superman & Power Girl.

And no-selling blasts from 3 Oan Guardians directly afterwards.

He was able to fly through the core of the Anti-Monitor and he withstood the anti-matter energies without a scratch.

The same energies that fried a Guardian.

As shown here, Prime is shot by planetary level Green Lanterns after beating ION down and it barely catches his attention.

Your turn.

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I love how everything is in Superman's favor, d: Regardless I will respond thusly!

Superman's resource for his power is akin to that of the sun; meaning either Mjolnir or the Odin Force could speak to Thor and tell him the weakness of Superman; the Sun. King Thor, should be able to pull off a decisive victory after draining Superman of his resource, which he has done in the following scans:


Thor is capable of tanking Sun level attacks; theoretically, would Superman's sun manipulation of a singular star be enough to even hurt Thor?


Thor tanks the blast of an exploding star and is un-fazed. Bear in mind this is Classic Thor and we are discussing a version of Thor that is much more powerful; past Odin Force Thor to near Odin level to be exact; meaning this feat can be amplified many times. It's also been stated that a Odin Force Thor is capable of tanking anything that would kill a normal Thor.

Mjolnir is able to manipulate the very energy of light itself; Superboy Prime is not getting any energy restoration via sun manipulation in this fight.
Thor is even capable of manipulating the Silver Surfers attacks.
Even radiation is no match for Mjolnir.

A demonstration of a massive feat that proves any energy Mjolnir absorbs can be amplified and blasted back at the opposition ten fold. Superboy primes maximum capacity is that of a singular star, Mjolnir can easily amplify this to the enormous power of a star 10x bigger. Also, to finalize my argument, Thor can even manipulate the energy in such a way as to blast it back even 100 fold!


As a summary, if Superboy prime is in-able to re-energize himself via sun manipulation, how can he hope to contend with Thor? He would begin at 100% capacity to gradually succumb to 0% as the battle wears on. The Odin Force & Mjolnir would be sufficient in finding out Superboy primes weakness, the sun.

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I predicted you bringing up Thor's ability to destroy the sun and drain Prime. Luckily, the Anti-Monitor armor counters that effect by constantly feeding him yellow sunlight.

Thor withstanding a star level attack doesn't compare to Prime tanking the galaxy level explosion of the warworld battery.

Mjolnir absorbing radiation blasts won't be of much use in this match, since Prime's attacks do not rely on such energy.

Shown here, Prime is able to fight without any sunlight at all.

Captain America's punches were actually moving Thor, just imagine what Prime could do.

Not to mention that Thorbuster Iron Man was holding his own against King Thor for quite a while.


Not to mention Prime killed Bronze Age Earth 2 Superman at the end of Infinite Crisis.

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I do not believe it is entirely 'fair' to compare some low end feats to others; seeing as many different authors work on the same character, and at times, 'will', contradict each other. Also is my understanding that Superboy Prime was taken down by two Superman. Also,Superboy Prime is immune to kryptonite, but not to the radiation of a red sun; however he was shown to resist the effects of an artificial red sun. Kal-El & Kal L defeated Prime by flying him directly into Kypton's red sun; therefore destroying his Armour and diminishing his powers in the process. So what does Thor have to do? Teleport both of themselves into the power of that exact same Sun, or another that is of it's equivalent.

Thor is able to teleport with Mjolnir


He teleports Warriors Three to Asgard from the edge of the Universe.


Here we see that it was definitely across the entire Universe; proving it's ability is virtually limitless.


Thor opens a cosmic rift and exposes the face of the Sun, a feat which he can repeat with the power of a Red Sun.

We have now proven that Thor does not merely have to teleport himself and Superboy Prime, together; rather he could simply teleport Superboy Prime himself into the Red Sun and defeating him entirely. Or expose him to the likes of the Sun and render him and his armour useless and simply batter him until death.

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This thread is looking good

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If you resign, please inform me.

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Prime should be able to blitz Thor before he can use BFR to win. In space during Infinite Crisis, he was able to outrun all these Green Lanterns. And we all know how fast Green Lanterns are in space. And he also outran Bronze Age Superman in the same comic.

Prime should also be able to tank a lot of what Thor can throw at him, since Prime has shown a high immunity to magic.

The only reason Prime was defeated by those 2 Supermen was because he was drained of his powers. Before the red sun dip, he was pounding both of them and laughing.

During his fight with Monarch, Prime withstood a universal level explosion. One could raise the argument that Prime was amped, but Monarch himself said that the amp was gone right before Prime tore open his armor.

To my knowledge, King Thor doesn't have the feats to suggest that he's even galaxy level. In Sinestro Corps War, Prime withstood the galaxy level warworld explosion without any problems at all.

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Whenever Nozark is done debating. Not sure if she's interested in continuing.

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I have two concerns but I'll wait until everything is done...

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It would kinda hinder the whole debate ad I don't wanna give anyone leverage

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Thor can put the sacred hammer on superboy and he won't move I don't think he'll be worthy to pick it up

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@bronze_surfer: mjolnir can manipulate gravity.... He increase the gravity around superboy and he's stuck and if mjolnir can shatter the armor of celestial then he's bound to shatter the anti monitor armor on superboy.... And superboy can't destroy it because quote from marvel wiki "no power in the universe but the All-Father's could affect Mjolnir"

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Prime blitzes Thor before the thought of gravity alteration crosses his mind.

We will continue this after the voting, which I assume begins now.

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This debate is not anywhere near finished! I was merely at the beach/cabin this weekend and did not have time to respond. However I will do now. Voting should not commence for some time; at least until we have covered all the areas of expertise.

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I was ready to argue against the speed of Superman; which is what I've seen you argue in previous Superman verse Thor threads.


Here we see Darkseid actually hitting Superman in the face. If Superman is such a speedster, why would he let himself get hit? Especially so hard. e.e....



& Here we see he isn't able to catch bullets; merely out-pace them. He admit's himself that he isn't fast enough.


Here we see that only his travel speed nears the speed of light; not combat speed.

Thor has demonstrated he is able to travel three times the speed of light.


Mjolnir will always return to Thor's hand.


Mjolnir can 'will' itself towards it's target.


Drax with the power gem is in-able to stop Mjolnir's path.



Mjolnir's path of travel also varies greatly; it can 'will' itself to it's directed targets, in this case, Superman.

Mjolnir has traveled to the end of the galaxy and back in under sixty seconds, meaning whatever speed Superman is capable of, Mjolnir is greater.



Thor has been shown to out-pace the lightning he controls.

In regards to Superman's raw strength, here are several scans I have managed to come to across.


Superman can barely move the planet.



This is Superman after a sun dip; after he moved a planet about the same size as pluto; Bainiac states Kal cannot move more than that.



Here Superman, with some help, are in-able to move a planet.

In regards to Thor not being able to tank anything Superman can dish out at him, these are all classic Thor feats.

  • Tanking Celestial attacks
  • Tanking Destroy Amour attacks
  • Tanking Odin attacks
  • Tanking weight of half a planet
  • Tanking weight of a couple of planets
  • Tanking planet destruction
  • Sitting in sun
  • Tanking attacks from Surtur

Again, there is a scan of Odin Force Thor saying that 'If it were not for the Odin Force, he would surely be dead' We are discussing a version above this, meaning that if King Thor, commingled with the Odin Force could easily tank Galaxy Level attacks, even approaching Universal. Odin himself, was able to battle and destroy galaxies in the process; Classic Thor has tanked this. Durability here, is not an issue for King Thor. As a lasting finalization, King Thor's mightiest edge over Superboy Prime is his 'Time Stop'


Mjolnir's also been used to stop time in localized areas several times. The first time he does it, he stops all time from passing in a house to save Jane Foster in


However, Mjolnir's time powers weren't just limited to time travel. He's used Mjolnir to reverse time itself in


As a summary, Thor has to many tools as his disposal to end this battle. Superboy has been defeated by the likes of a Red Sun, Mjolnir is capable of opening a dimensional rift to expose this to Superboy, weakening him. Or he can use Mjolnir to teleport Clark Kent to the Red Sun itself, if he merely wishes it. Or, he can tank attacks from Superboy until he can merely stop time or reverse it, and than end the battle via Mjolnir hits. Also, Thor can simlpy throw Mjolnir at Superman, and wait until it hits. Superman is NOT, out-pacing Mjolnir. At the end of the day King Thor wins.

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@logy5000: king Thor is also omnipotent


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@logy5000: king Thor is also omnipotent


Thats not King Thor, that Rune King Thor, not to mention the word omnipotent isnt mention once, and we have Thor wondering what to do next.

Not sure how that was applicable... O_o.

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We can cast votes now! :)

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@nozark: Excellent.

Let the voting begin.

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Oh it begins? Alright I'll say about my concerns

  1. It says Superboy-Prime but you were using Superman-Prime feats. It is said Superman-Prime I would understand you using Super-Boy Prime feats also.
  2. What Nozark said. Woudln't he have to get close to the sun? And he would have to drain the sun for it to be effective which would take a long time, plus Superboy has his armor which absorbs radiation at a faster rate.
  3. About the "sun manipulation". Superboy-Prime doesn't have that power and even if, Thor being able to manipulate light would be crossed out since Superboy supposedly "Manipulate the sun". Him manipulaing light wouldn't mean much unless he can control the radiation.
  4. He mentions what a Red Sun is but Thor doesn't know what that is or where it actually is and if he did know where it is, there was no feats to show he can teleport that far.
  5. Showing Superman getting beat up? That's not Superboy-Prime either.

There was proboably a couple other mistakes but too lazy to look at. In the end I don't know who to vote for in the end.

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Oh and this.

As a summary, Thor has to many tools as his disposal to end this battle. Superboy has been defeated by the likes of a Red Sun, Mjolnir is capable of opening a dimensional rift to expose this to Superboy, weakening him. Or he can use Mjolnir to teleport Clark Kent to the Red Sun itself, if he merely wishes it. Or, he can tank attacks from Superboy until he can merely stop time or reverse it, and than end the battle via Mjolnir hits. Also, Thor can simlpy throw Mjolnir at Superman, and wait until it hits. Superman is NOT, out-pacing Mjolnir. At the end of the day King Thor wins.

  1. He wasn't defeated by the Red Sun. That's impossible.
  2. Teleport Clark Kent? This si Superboy Prime. Two different characters
  3. No feats to show he can actually hit him
  4. If he wats until it hits, couldn't Superboy prime still pound on him? And wouldn't he need the hammer for reversing time which he doesn't have after throwing it?

In the end, this seemed like a "Let me put this feat up". Some of which were irrelevant and there wasn't much countering, just putting up feats.

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Superboy-Prime, just a tactical choice I think. Very close tbh. And also one of the best battle threads I have seen. Both sides have pointed out all the feats and we now decide!

BTW Superman Prime (DC 1 mil) is omnipotent and is second to THe Spectre. Whoever said he's weak must have been describing some other version of Supes. His abilities are enhanced beyond the cosmic to the Godlike. He lived in Sun, he trained and gained abilities from teh cosmos for centuries, and then finally went beyond the Source Wall and gained power from it becoming a New God. He does not need the sun anymore and can blow realities and universes away with his godlike-breath....

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King Thor would lose this match.

However RKT would win but I guess that's a completely different match for another time.

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King Thor wins.

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I see very few people in fiction being able to handle prime he is grossly overpowered. frankly.

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I could have debated this.

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Wait what? Superboy is completely outmatched here, he has no chance of winning at all, the OF is way too much

Also what makes you think that a blitz from Superboy prime will do any damage to Thor?? This is not his regularm form

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King Thor wins...