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Leonids thinks that Maximus killed his wife, Maximus think a Achillies killed his wife and son and Achilles thinks that Leonides killed his cousin.  Round 1:All have a sword, shield, dagger and a spear.  Round 2: all have their standard weapons in the movies plus Maximus and Leonidas have 1000 of their best soldiers & Achilles has 900 of his best soldiers. To death.  No talking it out.  Takes place in where the first battle was in gladiator movie. 

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Spite. Achilles is far too much for the other two to handle.

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@Qpzmg said:

Shouldn't this be in battles?

If this is at least graphic novel Leonidas, yes?

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All movie version

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@Iron_Turtle said:

Spite. Achilles is far too much for the other two to handle.

Not really. Achilles still wins, no doubt. But Maximus, with his style, fights like Hector. This goes with all the Troy/Rome connection... And Leonidas fights like a stronger yet less agile Patroclus. The 2 can team up and give Achilles trouble. Again, I doubt he'd lose. But this ain't spite.

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Achilles STOMPS

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Achilles solo's

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How does Archilloes win he isn't much stronger or a better fighter than the other 2.

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Achilles solos. Neither Maximus or Leonidas have the feats to keep up with Achilles in combat

@Qpzmg: Achilles was the greatest warrior who ever lived in the ancient world, according to the Iiliad, he may have been the greatest warrior of all time. He was dipped into a fountain by his mother (a nymph IIRC, so he's not entirely human) granting him invulnerability, with the exception of his heel.

Unless Leonidas or Maximus figure out the heel weakness, theyre not touching Achilles. He's too fast, too strong, and too skilled for them to take on.

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There is a round 2 now.

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Round 2 Leo or Max.

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Achillies stomps hard in this.

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Actually, I would give it to Maixmus. Despite what some are saying Achilles was NOT immune to damage in the movie (hence the shield). I could see Hector and Maximus teaming up since Hector would most likely know he can't defeat Achilles, and once they defeat him Maimux wipes the floor with Hector.

Round 2, Maximus and his Romans easily, their tactics and shields will make the battle a slight mismatch. Don't forget they have arches too so simply charging at them would result in a lot of dead Spartans or Myrmidons. Maximus is the best commander here and would have his men lined up right, and would know all about the other teams' tactics and how to defeat them (one of the youngest Roman generals of all time IIRC).

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Oh there's a round 2? The romans stomp in round 2

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achilles was touched by the gods,he will win this unless one of them knows of his weakness,unlikley they do,,as it pains me to say,the other 2 are finished.

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@Xanni15 Hector?