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U want Hyperion to fight the destroyer armor, Hyperion loses horribly, no matter who is inside it

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Destroyer Amour easily.

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Checking up, the two are remarkably well matched. Strength and endurance levels for both are off the scale. Hyperion is faster in flight, but the Destroyer is no slouch either. Both have very powerful energy blasts, but the Destroyer's blast is the more destructive of the two by far. Intelligence and tactical ability is up in the air. The Destroyer's intelligence can vary dependent on the controlling spirit, but will typically be average if the Destroyer's 'mind' is dominant, with nothing more desire to destroy. Hyperion is more intelligent, but he's no genius, and his smug sense of superiority over everything can handicap his common sense. The fighting ability of both combatants is ranked as roughly equal.

I give it to the Destroyer in the end, 7/10. A big reason being that Hyperion has been shown to be harmed by his own atomic vision, and the Destroyer's blasts are much more powerful. (It once destroyed a planet, while Hyperion was unable to stop a large meteor from crashing into an alternate Earth, even with the aid of a similarly empowered Rogue.)

Hyperion is tough as all get out, but he's still only cosmic powered flesh and blood battling an animated suit of armor made of metal superior to nigh indestructible uru, and created for the express purpose of battling the immense cosmic power of the Celestials.

The best chance for King Hyperion to win, is to use his heightened senses to find and kill the comatose form of whoever's spirit is animating the Destroyer. But that's a bit of a wild card, since it's uncertain if he ever faced an incarnation of the Destroyer on his own world. And even if he did, was he aware it's Achilles Heel?

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I like how you posted a picture of King Hyperion attempting to menace Blink, who has effortlessly KO'd him twice.

On topic, King Hyperion has been one-shit by his own blasts. As the Destroyer's blasts are more destructive going off of the people they've ko'd and feats, Destroyer can one shot KH.

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Not to mention the Destroyer Amour has stomped both Thor and Hulk before.