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so, basically the scenario is:

when King Cold and Mecha Frieza arrrive on earth in the beggining of the android saga, both Trunk and Goku are trapped/gone wathever and can't come in to help.

So, we have the rest of the Z fighters, Vegeta, Gohan, Picollo, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha etc...


King Cold, Frieza and the minions that came with them.

who wins???

PS: I was always curious about what would've happened if neither Trunks or Goku could intervene

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Every Z-fighter, and the whole planet dies.

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King Cold, to the best of my knowledge, has absolutely zero feats. Same with Mecha Frezia. And I'm pretty sure by this time even Yamacha had a pretty damn high PL, Vegeta could solo, tbh.

Z fighters, everytime.

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Only one of the z fighters who'd survive frieza and colds initial carnage is vegeta. If he did the whole come back stronger thing again he should be able to take them

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Earth meets a terrible fate, unless they use the dragonballs for a years worth of training inside the Time Chamber

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Team 2.

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Only 2 that hope to do anything would be Vegeta and Piccolo and Piccolo wouldn't last long without fusing with kami. So Team 1 wins.