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Prep: 1 year

Place: Lantern Hq

Ring can Generate Any Object Or Figure(No Saws,Knifes, Any Thing that can GO THREW sKIN)

HULK Does not Have Healing Factor

Kilowog cant have help from the Gaurdians

Hulk cant have help from avengers

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And sharp weapons should be usable, hulk has an amazing healing factor. Better than Wolverines. Knives won't do much or chainsaws

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Kilowog wins

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Why would you take away Hulk's healing factor? He's going to need everything he's got. Kilowag ftw.

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lol is this a joke or what? Kilowog would beat hulk even if grounded and now you say he has help from Guardians? this is just an instant murderstomp.

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@izzr: If BFR is out of the table... Hulk busts Kilowog... Not in this case since regeneration factor is out of the table, which seems pretty stupid to me.