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vs vs vs

Last man team standing


Round 1 only hand 2 hand

Round 2 using special abilities

Round 3 every man and woman for himself

Comics,Game and Shows feats are in

Who will win

Battle Location:All of New York

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Killer Instinct Theme best Fighter Main Theme in History. 

Now that that's said;  
  1. Tekken wins if its' just H2H (Round 1)
  2. Going for Street Fighter if you count M.Bison's and Akuma's untapped potential. (Round 2)
  3. I think Akuma has the most powerful feats on a physical level. He one shotted an asteriod in the comic and and nearly split the Earth in half when he was fighting Asura.
  4. The battle Location (New York) will be completely vaporized after Akuma powers up.
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  1. Tekken
  2. Street Fighter
  3. Akuma
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