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Next the Blue and Red Brothers from the DCU and the MU pit Killer Croc vs. the Lizard.

They transport Killer Croc to the MU, to the Pantanal National Park in Brazil´s rainforest, where they have taken the LIzard as well.

Once they´re both there, they influence the Lizard´s mind, making him think that Killer Croc´s Spider-Man.

Both combatants in character, which is to say, I guess, bloodlusted... . No prep time. These are Pre-Flashpoint Killer Croc and classic Lizard.

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Lizard murderstomps while blind and with both arms tied behind his back.

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Lizard easily

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Lizard without trying.

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This thread has been done before.

Lizard still wins for being stronger, more durable and having potentially faster reaction speed.

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Is it that time of the month already?

Anyway, Lizard still stomps, just like he did the last 200 times this topic was created.

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This battle has been done so many times.....

The Lizard stomps KC. KC can't even beat Batman.

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Lzard......... IBL

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Been done, multiple times.

Lizard still roflstomps.

He's bigger, badder, and faster.

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Killer Croc looks cooler, But Lizard is out of hes league.