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-Both are in character.

-Fight takes place in open grassland.

-Current versions of both with standard gear.

Who wins this rematch?

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I think Sasuke should win at this point.

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<p>hm killer might stand a chance but leaning sasuki more here</p>

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Pretty sure sasuke will take it. He seems to be far stronger now..

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B, might change my opinion when Sasuke gets some better feats.

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really sad the OP died...

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Sasuke will definitely win this fight right now. Killer B hasn't shown any way to avoid Amaterasu....I highly doubt he could stand up to sasuke now that he has mastered the Mangekyo

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Amaterasu wasn't much of a problem before. Its not like his chakra has risen, he just has Susanoo now, which hasn't resisted anything close to a TBB. Meanwhile killer B shouldn't have much trouble tanking arrows and such with his tentacles so...I don't see this ending any differently.

I believe if Cursed Mark Susanoo would have a good chance if it had more feats but so far its done literally nothing save for a combo attack with Naruto's waaaaaay higher power so that's moot.

KB has this unless Sasuke is elaborated on vs Madara

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Sasuke chakra levels has risen quote alot. Since he has gained the EMS he showa no fatigue from repeated use of amaterasu or susanoo. killer b doesnt have any way to penetrate susanoo except the bijuu bomb. sasuke will hit him with amaterasu beforw he gets that chance. how do u think killer b will win this?

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@ghost_rider1: firstly, nothing stated Sasuke's inability to spam amaterasu had to do with the amount of chakra he had. It was the limitation of his eyes in general. Just the fact that removing amaterasu costs him huge amounts of chakra shows its not as limitless as fans make it out to be.

Also, Sasuke hit Killer B with amaterasu before.... it wasn't effective lol

At base Killer B > Sasuke

At full power, 8 tails Bijuu Bomb>perfect Susanoo

That's how. The question is: what can Sasuke do to win? Amaterasu is easilly blocked by tentacles as he has already done, KB>Sasuke in melee combat, Sasuke's Perfect Susanoo only has a basic arrow and basic sword which < Bijuu mode that can ruin a forest with a tailspin....no lol Sasuke is beat unless he shows more in the coming chapters. He has no feats allowing him to succeed here and didn't just nearly die before, he nearly died MULTIPLE TIMES, so even with an eyeball upgrade that's not enough to close such a gap. In fact, the Raikage, who roughly>=Killer Bee, also nearly killed him multiple times. He has not advanced far enough past that point.

Also, food for thought, if Killer B's Lariat>Raikages, and Raikage can crack Madara's Susanoo....what do u think B will do to Sasuke's?

As i said, more feats are required but until then, Sasuke is still easilly outmatched. Sorry brother.

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Killee B didnt BLOCK amaterasu. He escapad in one of the tentaclea that sasuke cut off. Watch the fight again! You may be right about the chakra levels tho. Second, the raikage wasnt goin all out against killer b' s lariat. The raikage almost killed a sasukewho couldnt even manifest a full susanoo so that is irrelevant. Amaterasu would have beaten KB if sasule didnt cut off that tentacle that was about to crush karin As of right now....BASE SASUKE > BASE KILLER B. Killer B cant beat sasuke right now...... sorry brother

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Tailed beast bomb.


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@princearagorn1 said:

Tailed beast bomb.


I don't know, with the current Sussano size Sasuke could probably apply enough pressure to keep him from using it, while it charges.

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B gives Saskue another beatdown

really sad the OP died...

wait what!!!???

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@princearagorn1 said:

Tailed beast bomb.


I don't know, with the current Sussano size Sasuke could probably apply enough pressure to keep him from using it, while it charges.

I wouldn't say that. Except for the first appearances, the tailed beast bombs always appear to be created pretty fast..

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@ghost_rider1: did I not say KB blocked amaterasu with his tentacle? Regardless that he cut it off, it was blocked and didn't really hurt that bad. Amaterasu is a problem that need not be tended to immediately. And feat wise, I'll just outright say it sucks. It never burned anyone lol I mean Nagato let it engulf him and he sorta died but even then he was SMILING lmao. Amaterasu sucks KB can block it easilly and continue fighting, not to mention it only amped that tentacle's attack power lol

And Raikage nearly killing Sasuke is relevant cuz it shows without his stupid Susanoo hes nothing (to KB). how far he can manifest Susanoo shows literally squat about his base ability to fight.

You saying SASUKE>KB in caps doesn't make it correct when ur basing that notion on literally nothing lol. Iv backed up my claim with actual feats and happenings. Killer B>Sasuke, man. By feats and history. If you wanna dispute this then give me even one instance of Sasuke surpassing KB in anything, anything at all...cuz the amaterasu arguement is pretty weak and debunked by its own feats of how ineffective it is lol. Sasuke dies.




Now what's this about the OP died?! Like....the OP of this match or the writer of the manga cuz I just looked it up and found nothing....either way this is horrible!!

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I offer my condolences to whomever it may concern. If it was the match OP then I'm horribly saddened, were all friends here and to lose one is absolutely tragic. I wish the best for those left behind...

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Reguardless of Sasuske's ems upgrade, he wont be able to handle Bi. His speed was too much for him the first time and the only reason he was able to survive in the firstplace was because Karin and Juggo were there to heal him when he was literally on the brink of death. Yes Sasuke spammed amateratsu and supposedly "beat" Bi with that but in reality Bi's speed should be enough to dodge amateratsu and now that he's seen it in action and knows the fires can only be put out by Sasuke he wont let it hit him again. Sasuke's best bet is to hit him with Tsukuyomi right off the bat and go for the kill while he's under the influence.

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Bee can dodge amaterasu mostly. Couple of lariats and sasuke is down.

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B too fast, too strong