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Dragon Ball Goku with Power Pole and Nimbus

Supes Golden Age (up to Issue #30)

Random Battle

Battle in the mountains.

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Nicve idea for a battle, I'm gonna say Kid Goku takes this assuming that it's end of DB Goku, because he could create multiple afterimages in milliseconds whereas Supes was only faster than a speeding bullet during GA, and a locomotive is nothing compared to the mountain busting power Goku possessed by that time.

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Hehe... goku.

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@CadenceV2: issue thirty of action comics does feats from Adventures of Superman count?

in Action Comics 11 he got X-ray vision, in action comics 8 he got superhearing.

i say he wins for lack of morals:








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Goku because trains and bullets are nothing. also, MAGIC pole.

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@sxgt said:

Goku because trains and bullets are nothing. also, MAGIC pole.

Superman had no magic weakness in the Golden Age.

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@ComicStooge said:

@sxgt said:

Goku because trains and bullets are nothing. also, MAGIC pole.

Superman had no magic weakness in the Golden Age.

i was just gonna say that

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Kid Goku is way to fast for SM

Roshi was fast enough to have entire fight scene within one second, he exchanged punches and kicks, they were spiting on each other, then they spent some time thinking, than they had a short conversation, then they played a game etc. and Roshi did all this while he was still holding back. Normal people were unable to see their movements.

  • After being shot at, Roshi was able to turn around and catch 9 bullets.

Roshi was able to create many after images

Roshi moved his hand so fast it created a wind so strong it blowed away a 70-80kg heavy superhuman and smashed him into a wall.

Kid Goku (21. budokai) , and Namu who were both slower then Roshi were able to jump several km high in the air, a feat which requires a movement of legs much faster than the speed of sound.

  • Bora who was slower than Roshi was able to trow goku and yacharobe above clouds, which means he can move his hand faster than sound.
  • Tao Pai Pai was on pair with Roshi, or slightly faster, and he throw a stone pillar 2300 km away, a feat which proves massively hypersonic movement . (more precisely, the initial speed of that pillar must have been around mach 14, and he was faster than a pillar, so his speed must have been around mach 20. link and link , 2 links for you to check my words)

Roshi is almost certainly a hypersonic character.

And Goku surpassed both Roshi's and Tao's speed after training with Karin

Roshi wasn't even able to follow his moves

  • Then Roshi trained secretly for the 22nd budokai, and improved himself a bit.

But a power gap between them only got wider.

Kid Goku during the 22nd budokai was so much faster than Roshi, that he was literally invisible to him.

Then Goku drank mystic water and became many times faster than before.

Tien, who was on pair with Goku before he drank the water, was so slow he was unable to kick Drum, and Goku, after water, was so fast he blitzed him. He also became as fast as young king Piccolo, while before he was slower than even the old Piccolo.

And Tien was unable to see his movements.

  • .
  • .

Some other speed feats:

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Can Kid Goku actually hurt Supes? Even in the golden age, he was extremley durable.

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Goku stomps if it's early GA Supes.

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Kid Goku otherwise known as the only canon version of Goku wins this after a good fight

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@nickzambuto: This.